Funding & Capital Strategies

Expert Support for Critical Needs

Capital is the lifeblood of every equipment finance company and access to diverse sources of capital at a reasonable rate is critical to success and profitability. Regardless of the type of financing solution, The Alta Group collaborates with organizations to provide debt/equity solutions, portfolio sales, syndication programs, or securitization programs to meet the short and long-term funding needs of the client.

Leveraging Relationships

As an industry leader, Alta has deep relationships with organizations that provide equipment finance companies with debt, equity, or combined financing to support their growth needs. We partner with firms that buy portfolios or provide asset backed securitization programs to unlock additional liquidity. Our close work with company management allows us to understand business plans and assess their short-term and long-term financing needs, risk profile, and business strategy to determine those parties most likely to provide capital at a reasonable rate of return. Alta assists in the assessment and comparison of term sheets provided by funding sources and advises in the selection of the most attractive financing opportunity.

Partnerships for Stability and Growth

In partnership with clients, Alta advisors help secure access to new funding sources, develop solid contingency plans, and improve capital efficiency.

Expected Benefits
  1. Secure access to new and diverse funding sources
  2. Develop solid contingency funding plans
  3. Improve capital efficiency