Investor & Rating Agency Management

Expert Support, Compelling Strategy

The Alta Group advises equipment finance firms to create compelling investment theses for rating agencies and investors during times of disruption. Alta draws upon deep industry knowledge, capital markets expertise and investor relations experience to develop effective communication strategies to optimize ratings and valuations.

Industry Insight, Effective Communication

Alta partners with executive management teams and investor relations officers to address their most complex, business-critical issues. Our deep knowledge of the investment community allows us to proactively identify potential reactions to corporate initiatives and market-driven events by rating agencies, debt investors, and shareholders whose interests are not always aligned. This understanding enables us to devise effective and easy-to-implement communications strategies. We develop the right messages for the right audience at the right time and offer guidance on the ratings impact of special situations whether that’s a corporate initiative or market-driven event. In addition to messaging, we counsel management teams to effectively present to investment communities and rating agencies.

Navigate Disruption to Emerge Stronger

Alta advisors create compelling communication strategies that address positive and negative rating factors to help clients navigate market disruptions and develop strong external relationships while minimizing volatility.