Lift-Out Teams

Industry Focus

The Alta Group leads the industry in assisting quality seasoned industry professional lift out teams to identify a new sponsor or owner. Lift out teams are a group of senior level executives who have successfully worked together and now want to work for new ownership to better support the growth and profitability of the business they are creating.

Trusted Insiders, Collaborative Partners

Alta’s focus on the equipment finance and leasing industry means we know senior management teams and owners of organizations on a professional and personal level. We collaborate with leaders to understand their skills, expertise, and industry experience and use this to identify parties interested in creating a start-up or expanding the offerings of an existing one. We understand the importance of running a confidential and discreet process so that all parties are protected during the process. Our process showcases the talent of the lift out team members and highlights their prior industry success.

Finding the Optimal Fit for High Impact Teams

Alta’s preeminent role in the equipment leasing and finance industry offers the ability to accelerate business plans with high impact teams that align synergies in order to complete successful transactions.

Expected Benefits
  1. Accelerate business plans with high impact teams
  2. Optimal fit
  3. Discreet process