Operating Model Development & Optimization

Scalable Models

The right operating model is the backbone of a successful equipment and leasing finance business. It enables the translation of strategy into concrete delivery. The Alta Group has deep experience of a wide range of business models in this sector, with examples of great success but also many lessons learnt from less effective businesses. This allows us to accelerate assessment, design and delivery of a suitable and scalable operating model.

Evaluate, Analyze, Solve

To create stable platforms that support scale, The Alta Group works with clients to study all operational activities that are required for the equipment finance operation. The Alta team works with leaders to evaluate current capabilities and undergo a comprehensive gap analysis. Once the analysis is complete, we co-create a roadmap for improvements in process and capabilities and identify which factors should be refined and what systems should be outsourced. These roadmaps chart a path for successful expansion and entry into new markets.

Roadmap to Operational Excellence

Alta works with clients to: create operational process maps, create and refine process documentation, delineate essential operational specifications, conduct competitive bid processes for outsourced services, and create checklists to ensure operational excellence.

Expected Benefits
  1. Robust forward-looking structures
  2. Organizations designed for success
  3. Personnel development