Portfolio Sales

Trusted Leadership

The Alta Group is the trusted industry leader in the sales of equipment finance and leasing portfolios. Portfolio sales are an effective method for managing risk, reducing exposure, and improving cash flow and liquidity. Our expert advisory solutions support effective strategies for portfolios of different sizes and risk profiles.

Collaborative Support, Strong Connections

The Alta team collaborates closely with organizations that have expressed interest in purchasing quality portfolios from trusted sources. Alta partners with portfolios sellers to understand the risk profile of the pool of contracts and its performance history to date. For potential buyers, we provide the insight into the risk profile of the obligor at the time of origination, the payment performance of the contracts, and any residual risk associated with the end of lease positions. Alta assists with pricing and structuring of the sale to maximize the proceeds for the seller or to mitigate the risk to the buyer.

Expert Insight for Successful Outcomes

Alta’s tailored and discreet process offers clients insight into transaction risk profiles and likelihood of default. Clients receive the analysis they need to optimize price and complete a successful transaction.

Expected Benefits
  1. Tailored and discreet process
  2. Accelerated delivery
  3. Optimized price