Pricing Optimization

Sustainable Profitability

Profitable portfolios start with a rational approach to transaction pricing, taking into consideration cost of funds, leverage, credit risk and take-off costs. Alta’s advisors are at the forefront of equipment finance transaction modeling and support clients with tailored return metrics.

Individualized Pricing Models

Unlike common bank products, equipment financing requires a multi-dimensional approach to pricing evaluation. Alta understands that there is no one-size-fits-all return for all transactions. Ticket size, risk / loss reserves, term, value of deferred tax benefits, cost of origination usage based models and cost of servicing must all be taken into account. While the factors may be complicated, this must be converted into a simple straightforward model for everyday use by sales representatives and those who design and publish client rate cards. Having worked with every pricing model used within the industry, Alta excels at creating pricing templates suitable for each client.

Straightforward Tools

We support clients with portfolio evaluation, full costing assessment and create simplified pricing tools for general staff use.

Expected Benefits
  1. Enhance margins
  2. Reduce price leakage
  3. Enable sales effectiveness