Sell-Side Services

Industry Leaders, Premium Advice

The Alta Group is the industry leader in the sale of equipment finance and leasing companies. As former industry executives, we help sellers understand the value of their organization and the types of companies with the greatest interest in acquiring it at a premium price.

Highly Respected Partner, Specialized Support

Alta focuses solely on the equipment finance and leasing industry and we are highly respected among potential buyers like banks, insurance companies, private equity firms, family wealth funds, and other. Our process is comprehensive and detailed from providing preliminary valuation ranges, to executing NDAs and identifying culture fit with potential buyers, to assistance with transaction structure and pricing. We ensure the seller has significant exposure to a number of interested parties in order to obtain the best price and terms. Our experts understand the importance of running a confidential and discreet process to protect stakeholders, management team and employees, clients, and customers. By partnering with senior management and ownership, our team comes to deeply understand value propositions and differentiating factors to showcase for each company we serve.

Industry Experience to Maximize Proceeds

With its focus exclusively on equipment leasing and finance businesses, Alta has the industry experience that is essential in posturing a client company and structuring a transaction to maximize the proceeds for the seller.

Expected Benefits
  1. Ensured strong cultural fit
  2. Optimized price
  3. Tailored and discreet process