Suspicious Activity Investigations

Confidential Analysis

Alta’s seasoned Legal Services experts carry out confidential reviews of methods and practices with a focus on red flag issues, activities, and operations. Unfortunately, Alta has seen many situations involving suspicious and nefarious activities in equipment leasing and finance; but our experience is your good fortune, because we can help you spot potential problem areas and provide guidance in avoiding them in the future.

Thorough Review

For equipment leasing and finance companies we conduct confidential interviews with key personnel to assist in locating weak spots or potential breaches in security and to assess secure methods, data storage and usage, and customer interaction. We review operations and practices to determine potential “soft spots” in compliance, security, fraud, and data protection. Alta also assists clients in developing fraud prevention capabilities.

Path Forward

Our experienced team prepares and presents detailed written reports and analyses of findings, including presentations of specific strengths, weaknesses, and areas of concern to provide confidence and a clear path forward.

Expected Benefits
  1. Independent assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and areas of concern
  2. Development of fraud detection and preventive measures