Vendor Services

Expert Insight

Alta’s vendor finance experts work with clients to gather, interpret, and deliver insights that enable the smart decisions needed to grow the business, deliver a market-leading customer experience, and optimize operational efficiency.

Experience to Navigate a Changing Landscape

While the fundamentals of effective vendor finance programs have been unchanged for decades, the business of vendor finance has become considerably more challenging in recent years. With the emergence of managed services, such as subscription and consumption-based models and the complexities of lease accounting standards, there’s a greater need for specialists who can provide insight and experience into creating a competitive program. For over 30 years, Alta has delivered leading solutions that maximize sales, improve lease penetration, and operate efficiently thus delivering a win-win experience for vendor finance programs and their customers.

Proven Results

Working with our vendor finance experts, clients develop best in class Vendor/Funder relationships, create effective incentives and marketing, and improve lease penetration.

Expected Benefits
  1. Best in class vendor/funder relationships
  2. Effective incentives and marketing
  3. Better lease penetration