Vendor Program RFP Design & Management 

Choosing the right partner

Identifying the right funding partners for Captives and Vendor finance companies can make a significant impact on their ability to serve their customers effectively and economically, and achieve broad coverage, keen pricing and a high level of finance penetration of its customers. 

Experience to navigate complex decisions

Alta consultants have been assisting customers in identifying the right funding partners for many decades. Projects range from very targeted single-geography funding programs to complex multi-country funding searches. A typical project usually starts with a detailed assessment of the Captive or Vendor finance company’s needs. We then prepare a customized scoring matrix to assess potential funders in an objective manner. Our extensive network of contacts at funders and long experience with working with them allows us to accelerate the RFP process and quicky arrive at a shortlist of potential funders who would be subject to detailed review to ensure quality and protection of reputational risk. We then accompany our clients in selecting the right partner(s) and finalizing terms so that the business can go live within the required timeframe. Alta also can provide supervision in the development stage of the program which can help to strengthen relationships with the selected funding partners and ensure compliance with the objectives. 

Proven results

Working with our vendor finance experts, clients develop best in class Vendor/Funder relationships, create effective incentives and marketing, and improve lease penetration.

Expected Benefits
  1. High finance coverage of program through strong funding relations and diverse financing products 
  2. Keen pricing
  3. Reputable and reliable funding partners