ESG Strategy & Framework

Integrate ESG

Research has proven that companies who integrate ESG (environmental, social, governance) strategies into their overall corporate strategies are better positioned to increase stakeholder value. ESG has become increasingly important for equipment finance companies in identifying their mission, attracting talent, and managing client and vendor relationships.

Develop Strategy to Create Value

Alta assists organizations to develop an effective ESG strategy that creates value for all stakeholders. We begin with an understanding of an organization’s core value proposition, operational capabilities and risk appetite. Drawing from this understanding we can help prioritize ESG factors based on materiality of value creation to sculpt an optimal strategy.

Significant focus is placed on examining opportunities for more environmentally and socially friendly asset categories, often climate financed related, and product offerings while carefully aligning priorities to internal and external positive ESG social influences. Our process ensures that strategic solutions are based on deep functional expertise and a broad market understanding of best practices. This provides clients with a clear understanding of the opportunity and the challenges involved and their implications to maximize opportunity for success.

Refine and Respond to Changing Needs

Alta works with clients to refine ESG strategy and respond to changing conversations in the market. We advise clients on ESG strategy development, evaluating disclosure requirements, creating funding and capital strategies for ESG assets, and developing strategic alliances.

Expected Benefits
  1. Future-proof a value-creating strategy
  2. Satisfy multiple stakeholders
  3. Identify sustainable market opportunities