International Expansion

Global Reach, Local Knowledge

The Alta Group, with its global consultant footprint, is a bridge to explore growth through new international markets. Our local consultants have practical, on the ground asset finance experience in the specific target markets and accelerate delivery to make projects more effective.

Customized Support, Effective Strategies

Alta support clients that are expanding to international markets to effectively leverage their value proposition. Our team of experts partner with leaders to assess new markets and growth trends in the different counties, industry and equipment types, and product offerings. With a holistic approach, we evaluate a client’s current capabilities and translate those capabilities into different countries’ local customs and practices with a comprehensive SWOT analysis. Alta customizes risk acceptance criteria to local environments and makes recommendations about location, origination channels, and transactions terms that best enables growth in new markets. Once opportunities are identified, Alta supports the development of business plans and weighs factors around organic entry, lift out, and business acquisitions.

Trusted Advice to Maximize Impact

Alta’s global industry leadership supports clients to understand the risks and rewards of new markets and accelerate implementation through trusted local insight.

Expected Benefits
  1. Identify geographies leveraging your business
  2. Understand the risks and rewards of new markets
  3. Accelerate implementation through trusted global advisors