Software Provider Support

Expert Support for a Dynamic Landscape

Dynamic changes in the equipment and asset finance landscape mean software providers must respond to the industry’s growth and evolution. The Alta Group’s experts assist software providers to understand the long-term implications and adapt their growth and product plans to better support its end-user customers.

Strategic Insight, Growth Acceleration

To prepare for future growth opportunities, service providers require a rigorously developed or re-evaluated value proposition. For some, this may be product focused, addressing the consumerization of B2B relationships by providing subscription / pay per use or ‘Everything as a Service’ solutions. For others, this can mean localization of solutions to new geographies or tailoring solutions for specific market segments. To accelerate growth, there may also be the need to develop and execute on an acquisition strategy and find strategic investors as a source of funding. Alta’s experts provide needed insight with a practitioner’s eye, delivering real-world solutions. Alta provides equipment leasing product asset and market-entry strategy along with technical and functional requirement benchmarking. We support clients with product development roadmaps and our team offers worldwide geographic localization expertise.

Opportunity Capture

Alta’s suite of expert advisory services offers software providers a shortcut to understanding new markets and the opportunity to execute on the benefits presented in the changing landscape.