Industry Positioned to Lead the Sustainability Movement as Circular Economy, As-a-Service Models Gain Relevance

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The concept of the circular economy is gaining ground among global businesses, as both governments and enterprises start making what is expected to be trillions of dollars of capital investment in the transition to a clean-energy economy. The equipment leasing and finance industry was following circular economy practices long before this term became part of … Read more

Global Advisors Can Offer Expert Insights On Nearshoring Strategy

Nearshoring in Mexico detailed in a transportation hub.

One of the lessons learned during the pandemic was that the U.S. had fallen into excessive reliance on supply chains based in East Asia, particularly China. This realization drew attention to the need to relocate the sources of production and supply-chain components closer to home. Thus, nearshoring emerged as a trend that continues to boost … Read more

How to Build a Successful Strategy Around Climate Equipment Finance

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Global efforts to reduce fossil-fuels emissions are driving massive investment in new technologies. Equipment leasing and finance professionals who want to capitalize on this opportunity will need to evolve with this fledgling industry as it becomes a bigger part of the overall equipment investment market. But as with any emerging industry, this new domain will … Read more

Customer-focused Solutions Have Always Driven Innovation in Equipment Finance

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The equipment leasing and finance industry expanded in recent decades from the need to provide businesses with a better way to pay for and manage the growing amount of technologically sophisticated equipment needed to keep pace with their competition. Paul Bent, Senior Managing Director for The Alta Group, looks back on the industry’s early days … Read more

Climate Equipment Finance Is New Market Entry Opportunity in Equipment Finance

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How big the climate equipment finance market can grow is a key question right now, according to Patricia Voorhees from The Alta Group. In a recent article in the Monitor magazine, she explores the market’s evolution and examines immediate opportunities, deal structuring, and the resources lessors will need to participate. With investment in this area … Read more

It’s Time to Prepare for CFPB Section 1071 Requiring Extensive Data Collection from Small Business Credit Applicants

Regulatory Compliance

(The following is an analysis of the potential impact of an impending federal rule that will establish requirements for finance companies to collect and report certain kinds of data from small business credit applicants. It’s based on comments made by Paul Bent, Senior Managing Director of The Alta Group, during an interview that Equipment Finance … Read more

Alta’s 2023 Insights on Where We Are, What’s Ahead and What to Do

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Where Are We Today? Even while anticipating a recession in 2023 and knowing that America’s pandemic support programs were expiring, many equipment finance companies were bullish in late 2022, reporting strong business growth, although with some trepidation about the year to come. Fortunately, the pandemic downturn didn’t plunge our industry into recession, largely because there … Read more