Alta’s 2023 Insights on Where We Are, What’s Ahead and What to Do

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Where Are We Today? Even while anticipating a recession in 2023 and knowing that America’s pandemic support programs were expiring, many equipment finance companies were bullish in late 2022, reporting strong business growth, although with some trepidation about the year to come. Fortunately, the pandemic downturn didn’t plunge our industry into recession, largely because there … Read more

The Alta Group Is Recognized for 25-Year Membership Milestone in the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association

The Alta Group LLC for 25 Years of ELFA Membership

WASHINGTON, DC, Nov. 8,- 2022—This year the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) has been recognizing companies for various lengths of membership. The Alta Group is among just nine companies marking a 25-year milestone in this trade group that represents a $1 trillion financial services sector. “We are pleased to be among the companies being … Read more

Learn About a Region Ready to Emerge and a New Geo-Economic Order, Attend the Lease Conference Dubai 2022

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Lessons learned from Covid-19 and the impact of the Ukraine war have unveiled an immense potential for equipment financing in the Middle East and Africa. While the Middle East will continue infrastructure investment, and standards of living improvements, it is also gaining ground as a regional source of capital. It is a growing hub for … Read more

Latin American Leasing Conference set for Nov. 10-11 in Miami

The Alta Group Latin America Conference Flyer

The Latin American Leasing Conference returns this fall with an in-depth look at the current state of the equipment leasing and finance market, a case study of a key industry player in crisis, and the growing focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles. The conference will be held on Nov. 10-11 in Miami, FL. … Read more

Monitor 101 Article: IoT Vigilance Urged

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Paul Bent’s article published in the Monitor 101+ issue describes what is at stake and steps that companies can take to protect themselves in transactions with Internet of Things (IOT) to consider. Bent urges equipment finance businesses to be “vigilant in their knowledge, understanding, and application of IoT devices and sensors installed in ‘traditional’ equipment … Read more

What’s Happening Now to Shape Our Future?

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by Valerie L. Gerard, James Jackson, Carl Chrappa, Diane Croessman, Patricia Voorhees, Rick Remiker and Gary LoMonaco Monitor 100 2022The future of equipment financing requires resiliency and innovation. Adapting to economic changes and customers’ evolving needs and building closer stakeholder relationships are key components to maintaining success in the coming future. Alta advisors share their … Read more

Lessons learned to develop today’s best practices for funding

Lessons learned from past stresses in financial markets were critical to how the equipment finance and leasing industry weathered global disruptions caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. The knowledge that industry leaders had gained and the best practices they subsequently developed around their funding operations led to better-than-expected performance in recent years. That’s among the … Read more

“Reshaping Vendor Programs with a New Generation of Leadership” Covers Emerging Trends as Featured In the Monitor

Business people in meeting - vendor program discussions

Sustaining market relevance is a key challenge for vendor programs with a long history of providing equipment and service suppliers with turn-key financing options. The relationships they cultivated with program partners are rooted in collaboration and the ability to adapt to change, and now a new generation of leadership is driving more change that will … Read more

Target Operating Model Should Be Designed for Continuous Transformation in Equipment Finance

Digital and business transformation in our industry must be continuous and while technology plays a vital role, it is only one of the pillars for renewal of in-market approaches and organisational processes. This is the crux of an article written by Kieran O’Brien, an Alta consultant with Invigors EMEA who is based in Ireland. With … Read more

Looking on the Sunny Side at Equipment Finance M&As

Most of us were happy to wave 2021 goodbye. Continuing Covid, supply chain issues, inflation – need we say more? Turns out it was a strong year for merger and acquisition activity in the US equipment finance industry, particularly the second half, says James (Jim) Jackson in the Monitor’s second issue of 2022. His article … Read more