“Reshaping Vendor Programs with a New Generation of Leadership” Covers Emerging Trends as Featured In the Monitor

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Sustaining market relevance is a key challenge for vendor programs with a long history of providing equipment and service suppliers with turn-key financing options. The relationships they cultivated with program partners are rooted in collaboration and the ability to adapt to change, and now a new generation of leadership is driving more change that will … Read more

Foundation report by Alta urges action on ESG strategies

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The Alta Group’s 2022 Insights newsletter in January cited three reasons why equipment finance organizations must embrace an environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy this year. One, to retain talent. Two, because of the sheer amount of capital that has been unleashed into the sustainable market. And three, because ESG inspired innovation is creating exciting opportunities. Now, the … Read more

Why ESG Matters to Equipment Finance Industry

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Video Interview In this video Valerie L. Gerard, co-CEO of The Alta Group, talks about Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) measures relevant to the equipment leasing and finance industry. In the interview with Mike Toglia, publisher of Equipment Finance Advisor, she says ESG securitizations will be a source of future capital for equipment finance companies, so … Read more